Our Programme Approach
After an initial comprehensive assessment, the Mental Health At Work team will address your organisation’s specific learning outcome needs, to effectively support mental health in the workplace. Working with you, we’ll develop a bespoke training programme, built around our framework of Understand, Manage, Promote, to drive lasting positive change for your business.

We ensure that each workshop brings optimal benefit, by designing content around the specific employee audience from senior leaders through to HR, line managers and the general employee population.

Using this framework we help you to:

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Using this ‘tried and tested’ framework, we have delivered hundreds of training programmes; benefitting businesses and employees just like yours.

By implementing mental health training you can expect positive outcomes for your specific needs, and be confident you will see behavioural changes in your teams surrounding mental health in the workplace. This is because this framework distinguishes individual mental health and workplace responsibility. It creates a shared understanding around noticing and acting by improving awareness and provides the knowledge to identify the difference between health issues and mental illness.

Your Line Managers will gain skills that can be applied across the workplace to normalise conversations around mental health, improving leadership and employee satisfaction. They will become effective leaders because they will be clear about their role, and how to support their colleagues, especially regarding mental health at work.

If our Programme Approach to mental health could be beneficial to your workplace, email team@mhaw.uk.com