Optimised Learning
Our facilitated workshops, delivered in person or virtually, are central to our programmes, but we use a blended approach to drive change throughout an organisation, ensuring depth and coverage across multiple divisions or markets.

Types of Learning

Face to Face Workshops

  • Small groups – typically 9-16
  • Focused on learning outcomes
  • Interactive and engaging
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Expert and agile facilitators
  • Peer to peer learning
  • Discussion and learning development
  • Driving behavioural change


  • Compliment and support broader activity
  • Depth of access, including virtual or remote workers
  • Provides refresher and multiple learning opportunities
  • Modular and flexible learning bites
  • Rapid implementation & scalability, across regions & markets
  • Cost effective as part of a broader workplace programme

Get in touch with our team to discuss how we use blended learning approach to help you develop an effective workplace mental health programme within your organisation.

Introduction To E-Learning

Mental Health at Work have partnered with KPMG to develop an online learning programme, which compliments our facilitated workshops.