Mental Health Foundation

We provide organisations with tailored mental health programmes; normalising the conversations which help business thrive.

What We Do

We develop and deliver bespoke mental health training programmes that affect change around mental health at work

How We Do It

We use a Framework Approach in order to help organisations understand, manage and promote mental health at work.

How It Will Help

Our programmes increase awareness, bring sustainable changes in attitudes and behaviour around mental health and wellbeing.

Who We’ve Helped

From MediaCom to Malcolm Hollis, our mental health workshops have been used within a range of organisations across all industries.

Organisational success is driven by engaged and productive employees.

The workplace can be a necessarily demanding environment; tight deadlines, reduced resources, increased targets add to pressures and stresses from our lives outside work, meaning we can all experience changes in our mental health.

Understanding how to manage mental health at work can improve our ability to perform at our best.

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We can help you to understand, manage and promote mental health.

By implementing a mental health programme within your workplace you can :

We bring expertise around mental health in the workplace.

We are experts concerning mental health in the workplace. We will challenge you to think differently, energizing conversations and empowering action, which will help both individuals and organisations thrive.

We’re a not for profit, Community Interest Company (CIC) and a subsidiary of the Mental Health Foundation and we’ve been helping companies like yours since 2015. Our mental health workshops and programmes have increased mental health awareness and helped to influence a culture change in businesses throughout the UK and beyond. We would love you to be part of that.

Taster Sessions

We appreciate that you’ll want to make sure that Mental Health At Work is the right partner for your organisation, including our approach to workplace mental health and the style of our facilitated workshops. We run regular Taster Sessions, designed for anyone who is considering a programme in their organisation.

Inclusion & Diversity and Mental Health in the Workplace

Wednesday 20th January 2021 From 08.30AM to 09.30AM GMT and 13.00PM to 14.00PM GMT

VIA Zoom

Session 1 – 08.30am -09.30am

Session 2 – 13.00pm- 14.00pm

In these virtual sessions we will explore the relationship between mental health and inclusion. We will look at the impact on individuals and what is covered under the Equality Act 2010. We’ll explore how the skills of noticing, listening and acting in a supportive and compassionate way can make a difference in all workplaces. In this short webinar session, you will have the opportunity to experience this approach and the broader benefits for your organisation.

This session is aimed at senior leaders and managers in HR, D&I or senior management who are considering beginning or extending their workplace mental health programme to bring behavioural change.

If you would like to know more about how Mental Health at Work develop and deliver programmes to improve working lives through changing attitudes and behaviours around mental health, then email us at 

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